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Instagram – Targeting Followers Australia 2020

Instagram – Targeting Followers Australia 2020

Needing Specific Followers

You can just leave your Instagram automated like I have, or you can obtain targeted followers – which is a good tactic if you wish to use Australia to promote your online business. The first thing to do is look at other people’s lists – these are open for anyone to look at. So the best lists would be people in your niche and then the top ‘gurus’ in that niche with lists.

As I mentioned in the previous article, most of whom you follow will follow you back – so the tactic is to find a list then follow all those on it.

This needs to be done incrementally – as you need to keep that balance between Buy Instagram Followers Australia and following. That is, give folks time to follow you back before following another batch.

When starting out be circumspect with your following – do about 40-50 a day only – not hundreds – as Instagram may very well deactivate you. After you have reached about 500, incrementally increase your following – try about 10 a day more for every 100 that follow you.

If after a week some haven’t followed you back, then ‘unfollow’ them and start to follow another batch. There are many who will have lists of say 10,000, so it won’t be hard to get 10% – that’s a 1000 with hardly any effort. And, they will be interested in your niche – as they in a list that is related to that niche.

You can target top names or celebrities – simply then follow their followers etc. Another tactic is to go for ‘broad’ niches rather than narrow ones. For example, if you are selling fruit cakes – don’t go for fruit cake lovers – try for all ‘cake’ lovers – even dessert lovers and so on. Your fruit cake lovers will be among them.

When to target?
I am not sure if there is a good or a bad time for you to Instagram – especially if you live in a different time zone to the one you wish to follow. One suggestion I have read is that evenings are best and Sunday is the best of them. You can do some research on this if timing is an issue you want to follow up on.

I can certainly imagine daytime is a bit useless as some people just constantly Instagram then without looking at follow messages etc.

Perhaps testing it is a good way to decide.
• For a couple of weeks only follow folks on weekdays (during the day)
• Then for a few weeks follow on evenings, especially weekends.

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